Enjoy a trouble-free Bali vacation with our scooter & motorbike rental tips

Stay safe and respectful with your Bali scooter and motorbike rental

Thank you for choosing Bikago for your Bali scooter rental and motorbike hire needs. We want to ensure you have a pleasant, safe, and enjoyable time during your well-deserved holiday in beautiful Bali.

Given the recent increase in efforts by the Balinese Police Force to maintain safety, it's essential for tourists to be responsible and respectful. We've compiled some crucial guidelines for you to follow while using our motorbike rental in Bali. Please take a moment to read and comply, as failure to do so may result in serious consequences.

Always wear your helmet!

If you're riding with a partner, both of you should wear helmets. The police are strictly enforcing this rule, and you may face issues if you don't comply. Paying bribes is no longer an option, and you could end up at a police station. Your rented scooter or motorbike will be seized and held for us to collect. Be aware that this will result in the forfeiture of your rental period, with no refunds provided.

Make sure you have a VALID International Drivers License

Lacking one will result in consequences such as fines for not having a Driver's license / International Driving Permit (IDP). Drivers without a license will be fined IDR 1 million or face up to 4 months imprisonment (Article 281). You'll be taken to the police station, and bribing is no longer an option. You can simply get the IDP before traveling in your home country, or we can help you to get one due to our partnership with the International Driver Association. You can apply for a digital version, which will be emailed to you in PDF format within 2 hours.

Refrain from riding shirtless

It is disrespectful to Balinese culture. With the current situation, the police can charge you with public indecency,and fines will be determined at their discretion. Please respect local customs in Bali, just as you would want others to respect yours at home.

In accordance with the Police Officers' Meeting held on 09-03-2023, here's the official list of violations and fines for 2023 related to Bali motorbike rentals and scooter hires:

  • Fines for not wearing helmets (IDR 250,000 or up to 1 month in prison)
  • Fines for not having a driver's license/international (IDR 1 million or up to 4 months imprisonment)
  • Fines for missing vehicle registration (IDR 500,000 or up to 2 months imprisonment)
  • Fines for missing vehicle license plates (IDR 500,000 or up to 2 months imprisonment)
  • Fines for violating traffic signs (IDR 500,000 or up to 2 months imprisonment)
  • Speeding ticket fines (IDR 500,000 or up to 2 months imprisonment)
  • Fines for not using turn signals (IDR 250,000 or up to 1 month imprisonment)
  • Fines for not using daytime running lights (IDR 100,000 or up to 15 days imprisonment)
  • Fines for not using headlights at night (IDR 250,000 or up to 1 month imprisonment)

By choosing Bikago, the best scooter rental in Bali, you're in good hands. These strict measures can easily be avoided by following the rules and staying out of trouble. If you have any questions or concerns about renting a scooter or motorbike in Bali, feel free to contact us on Whatsapp. Enjoy your vacation!